We build

the most functional carbon fiber

recycling program on earth

There is no easy way or shortcut

We put our heart into our work every day and are driven to develop innovative, mobile recycling solutions to make carbon fiber a recyclable resource and eliminate the need for landfill disposal. 

Montan University of Leoben
wood K Plus
SGL Carbon
PEAK Technology

Nature can no longer cope

Fast industrial progress leads to complex waste piling up. Ever before the European Commission Circular Economy Action Plan presents a set of interrelated initiatives to establish a strong and coherent product policy framework that will make sustainable products, services and business models the norm and transform consumption patterns so that no waste is produced in the first place, we implement our way of recycling strategic materials such as carbon fiber found in wind rotor blades, airplanes and production scrap thereof. 

Composite waste we'll face by 2030


end of life

end of life
wind turbines

end of life
naval vessels

end of life

Connected mobile recycling devices

Connectivity, automation, energy efficiency and highest health and safety standards. Carbon Cleanup developed a special recycling process for fiber composite waste to dramatically improve the supply of affordable recycled materials for the polymer industry. 

The patented recycling device is bringing back today´s partly hazardous waste to the state of a valuable material. This is how we want to make circular economy happen today. 

As a result we provide economic and ecologic improvement at the same time. 

Our mission is to develop our present system to the state of an autonomous fleet of connected recycling devices, which can help support the societal sustanabilty goals of the future.

Together we can create sustainable progress