Our dream is to loop valuable carbon fiber materials

Landfilling of strategic carbon fiber materials is a global problem which requires innovative technology to be solved

Fast industrial progress leads to hazardous waste piling up

Ever before the European Commission Circular Economy Action Plan presents a set of interrelated initiatives to establish a strong and coherent product policy framework that will make sustainable products, services and business models the norm and transform consumption patterns so that no waste is produced in the first place, we implement our way of recycling strategic materials such as carbon fiber found in wind rotor blades, airplanes and production scrap thereof.

Nature can no longer cope with this so we strive to develop innovative solutions

Mobile recycling devices

To tackle the problem on site.
Automated material classification will allow us and our customers to economically reuse carbon fiber materials. The patented device is bringing back today┬┤s hazardous waste to the state of a valuable material.

We develop smart devices to turn trash into treasure

Connected recycling

Connection, automation, energy efficiency and highest health and safety standards
This is how we want to make circular economy happen today
Employing a digital waste management tool to enable economic recycling
Decentralized production assets will guarantee highest efficiency and machine occupation
Economic and ecologic improvement at the same time

together we can create sustainable progress


Classification and management of hazardous waste, patented and unique technology, use of robust processes, low energy consuming equipment.

Gain environmental & economic benefits combined, end landfill of hazardous waste, loop valuable materials, minimize transport costs.

Fulfill environmental legislation, reduce CO2-emissions, meet sustainability goals, employer branding, lead in circular economy.

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