Recycled Carbon Fiber Blends

Fiber Blend Performance

ideal for injection molding compounds

Fiber Blend Pure

ideal for 3D-Printing and Large Format Additive Manufacturing

Fiber Needles

ideal for SMC and BMC products

Carbon Cleanup Fiber Blends and Fiber Needles to stiffen thermoplastic compounds or SMC/BMC products

Carbon Cleanup´s recycled Carbon Fiber products are used as reinforcement for various high performance parts and can be co-processed to guarantee form stability at lightest weight. 

Customers use this material to reduce their CO2 footprint for carbon fiber by > 99%


high fiber pre-orientation

easy processability

very high homogeneity

uniform fiber length distribution

reduced dust

super low CO2 footprint

Overall, Carbon Fiber Blends offer advantages such as high strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to corrosion, and minimal thermal expansion, making them suitable for a range of specialized applications across different industries.

Why Carbon Cleanup is the best place to buy your top-tier fiber materials ?

You get 100% recycled carbon fiber materials and direct support by our material scientists. 

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